A Previously Repaired Tooth with a New Cavity Might Need a Crown Restoration

When the natural bacteria in your mouth exploit tooth enamel to cause a cavity, it can often be repaired with a dental filling. If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits going forward, it could be possible for a new cavity to develop on a different surface of the... Read more »

How a Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

Did you know that millions of teeth are saved every year with root canal therapy? And the best thing about it is that it relieves your pain rather than cause it. Many people believe that root canals are actually a painful process, but that is false. Symptoms that lead to... Read more »

How to Straighten Your Smile in Six Months

Did you know that braces don’t necessarily have to mean two years of orthodontics? Here at Dynamic Dental Smiles in Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Maria Boutsikos can straighten your teeth in only six months with Six Month Smiles®. Six Month Smiles are clear braces that use traditional methods with a modern... Read more »

Ideas for Your Dental First Aid Kit

Were you aware that a dental first aid kit is a vital aspect of emergency preparedness? You can’t predict when you or someone else around you could lose a crown or a dental filling, chip a tooth or get a toothache. Find a durable, impermeable box and fill it with... Read more »

An Introduction to Full Mouth Restoration

Dr. Maria Boutsikos and her expert team at Dynamic Dental Smiles have the tools and training to participate in full mouth restoration. Here are a few common questions and answers about this process: What is full mouth restoration? Full mouth restoration, also called full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation,... Read more »

Two Myths about Root Canals

How do you know if it’s time for a root canal? Symptoms include acute tooth pain, sensitivity, tenderness, discoloration, and a small bump above the gumline. Call us and we can likely perform the procedure immediately after diagnosis. If the thought of a root canal brings you anxiety, know that... Read more »

What You Need to Know When Considering Dentures

Have your teeth seen better days? It might be time for dentures. Dr. Maria Boutsikos in Sarasota, FL can restore your smile to what it once was. Here are some facts to ponder when preparing for dentures: Dynamic Dental Smiles offers two kinds of dentures: -Complete dentures replace all teeth... Read more »

Brightening Your Smile

Are you looking for a way to brighten your smile? Try teeth whitening! There are three options: Whitening Toothpastes Whitening toothpaste contains special chemical agents which gently break down stains. It's kind of like what laundry stain removal does to your clothing, but perhaps more gentle. Be sure to look... Read more »

Have a Strong Smile Using Dental Implants

Did you know you can make your smile merry with a holiday dental implant? Rather than having a gaping hole in your jawline, it’s safer, healthier, and much better cosmetically to have your gap filled in with a dental implant. The longer you leave a gap untreated, the greater chance... Read more »

Christmas Smiles and Dental Exams

It’s Christmas time! That means parties, family, friends, and food and treats of all varieties. All those parties and treats can do a number on you and your family’s teeth. Be sure that your children’s teeth are healthy and sparkling before by coming to Dynamic Dental Smiles for a checkup... Read more »