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If you want to achieve the top-notch oral health you deserve, then it’s best to keep your smile in the best shape possible by avoiding the following damaging dental habits:

Playing sports without wearing a mouthguard
One of the worst things you can do for your smile is participate in sports without wearing a mouthguard. This is a bad habit because there is a chance that the hard, forceful objects involved in sports can hit your mouth and damage your teeth and jaw. This can cause broken, chipped, and lost teeth, and it can also result in a misaligned or broken jaw.

Consuming sugary products
Sugar is a harmful substance that can attack your smile and create tooth decay. So, it’s best to avoid consuming products like candy, sweets, and soda. However, if you do happen to eat or drink sugary products, it’s important to properly clean your smile afterward.

Snacking all day
Snacking all day can make your smile constantly vulnerable to the harmful substances that attack it. So, it’s best to stick to eating meals and limit snacking throughout the day.

Chewing on pencils
Chewing on pencils is a habit that can create small tooth fractures in your enamel. Over time, those fractures can get bigger and thicker, resulting in major dental issues in the future.

Smoking is a severely damaging habit that can stain your teeth, create gum disease, and make you a victim of oral cancer. Please avoid smoking at all costs. If you need help doing so, feel free to ask your dentist for tips and advice.

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