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Did you know that millions of teeth are saved every year with root canal therapy? And the best thing about it is that it relieves your pain rather than cause it. Many people believe that root canals are actually a painful process, but that is false. Symptoms that lead to root canals usually include anywhere from mild to severe toothache. Getting a root canal, however, is about as painful as getting filling; your dentist, Dr. Maria Boutsikos, DMD will first numb the area to make sure that you are comfortable while working on your teeth.

Here’s what’s happening inside your tooth, two layers down, under your outer white enamel and a hard layer called dentin, is the tooth’s pulp. Pulp is composed of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. It helps with growth while your teeth are still developing.

After your tooth has fully developed, you will no longer need the pulp because the gum tissue surrounding it helps the tooth survive. If your pulp becomes infected, Dr. Maria Boutsikos, DMD can safely remove the pulp using root canal therapy. Otherwise the rest of the tooth will become diseased, leading to an extraction.

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