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When our children are born, many of their teeth are already present in their mouths. After six or so months, the teeth begin to break the surface of the gums and expose themselves to the world. After breaching the surface, they are exposed to the same harmful bacteria and germs as the rest of us. It is at this critical time we must begin to care for them as much as any other time in our lives. As an infant cannot possibly take care of their own teeth, it is up to the parents or caregivers to administer the proper aid. Here are a few reminders on how to care for your child’s mouth and gums:

– A child’s first tooth begins to break the skin at 6-10 months of age. Be sure to bring your child in to visit Dr. Maria Boutsikos, DMD no later than the child’s first birthday.

– If the child is unable to brush their own teeth effectively, brush their teeth for them twice a day approximately 2 minutes each time, or as directed by their dentist.

– For children between the ages of 3-6, supervise the children to ensure they do not swallow the toothpaste.

– Use toothpaste that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance. For children less than 3 years of age, use a dab of toothpaste roughly the size of a grain of rice. For children that are 3-6 years old, use a dab of toothpaste roughly the size of a pea.

– Do not share eating utensils between yourself and your child. Doing so can easily pass harmful cavity-causing bacteria to the child.

– Make sure your children consume healthy food and drink options.

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