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One of the greatest developments in restorative dentistry has been dental implants. Dental implants have allowed us to effectively replace the entire structure of a lost or compromised tooth instead of just the visible portion. This is a much higher-quality restoration that leads to a higher quality of life in patients.

A dental implant, properly, is the portion that goes beneath the gum and acts as a new tooth root. This is called the post, and is made of biocompatible titanium. It is placed directly into the jaw bone, which heals around the post, firmly securing it. Once this process is complete, the post is ready to receive a permanent restoration.

Dental implants can support all kinds of restorations, from single crowns to full dentures. This versatility makes them great tools in restorative dentistry. Regardless of your needs or preferences, dental implants can likely be used to realize your renewed smile.

Finally, dental implants are built for life. They are designed to match your natural teeth perfectly and integrate into your normal oral hygiene routine. You won’t need to make any major adjustments to your healthy brushing and flossing habits. And if a crown does become damaged or worn, repairs are easy to perform.

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