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How do you know if it’s time for a root canal? Symptoms include acute tooth pain, sensitivity, tenderness, discoloration, and a small bump above the gumline. Call us and we can likely perform the procedure immediately after diagnosis. If the thought of a root canal brings you anxiety, know that you are not alone. Even so, did you know that many common fears about root canals are actually based on false information? Here are two myth-busters:

Myth: Root canals are painful.

This is a classic case of the “questionable cause” fallacy. In other words, those who believe this myth are actually confusing cause and effect. The cause of a root canal is that the soft tissue inside your tooth has become diseased or inflamed. This can be very painful. The actual root canal procedure, however, is designed to eliminate that pain. Before the procedure, Dr. Maria Boutsikos will apply a powerful topical anesthetic to numb your tooth area, or you may even receive a sedative that renders you unconscious. Afterward, you may feel some tenderness for a few days, but the pain will not be intense and ibuprofen or aspirin will likely ease your pain without difficulty.

Myth: I’m not feeling any pain, so I don’t need a root canal.

Is there a bump above your gum line? This is called a fistula, which is a tunnel of tissue that drains pus from an infection. The fistula literally prevents you from feeling pain, as it keeps pressure from building inside the tissue of your tooth. It can disappear and reappear randomly.

If you see or feel a fistula or have any other symptoms mentioned, please call Dynamic Dental Smiles in Sarasota, Florida right away at 941-549-8930. We’re here to bring back your smile.